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Kiosk, A Generation Destroyed by Madness, screening on October 19, 2014 at Laemmle's Theater in Los Angeles, CA. 

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My City Pizza screening on October 20, 2013 at Aquarius Theater in Palo Alto, CA. 

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My City Pizza in UNAFF 2013 Film Festival/ Palo Alto


Interview of Ala Mohseni with VOA (Voice Of America)


The facebook page of "Kiosk, A Generation Destroyed By Madness" started to work



"My City Pizza" awarded the Best Story Award of NOOR Film Festival, Los Angeles 

Noor Film Festival, Los Angeles


Best Short Film Award of 4th Farhang Int'l Film Festival, Los Angeles

Farhang Foundation


-Idfa Amsterdam & More Than twenty Int'l Film Festivals 2008-2012/ My City Pizza
-Best Short Film Award of OXDOX nt'l Film Festival 2009/ My City Pizza
-Best Doc Award of Urban nt'l Film Festival 2009/ My City Pizza
-Jan Vrijman Fund Idfa 2009/ Hidden Kisses
-UNESCO Intangible Heritage 2010/ Kashan Carpet
-Best Short Film of Farhang Int'l Short Film Festival 2012/ My City Pizza
-Best Story Award of NOOR Int'l Film Festival 2012/ My City Pizza


Ala Mohseni was born in Tehran, Iran. His career began in the theater and then advertising, in the early 1990s, before moving on to filmmaking in 2004 with his first film “The Life” about a pioneer of Iranian cinema. He later attended a masterclass workshop by the legendary Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, then a BBC documentary workshop by acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari. 

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Ala Mohseni’s 2008 documentary “My City Pizza”, about the huge popularity of pizza in the Iranian capital Tehran, was praised for its comedy and awarded in festivals around the world. The IDFA awarded Mohseni the Jan Vrijman Fund in 2009 for his project “Hidden Kisses” – a film he was unable to complete because of civil strife in Iran after the 2009 presidential election. He moved to California a year later and earned an MFA in Film at the California College of the Arts. His latest films are “Kiosk, A Generation Destroyed By Madness” and (co-directed by Maziar Bahari) “My Stealthy Freedom”.

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